Bus Employees Friendly Society

A non-profit making society run by bus people for the benefit of bus people


Thanks for showing interest in becomming a member of the bus employee friendly society. There are so many benefits to be gained by becoming a member, and we really do welcome people from all sectors of the bus transporation industry.

On this page you'll find information and a list of some of the benefits you could be entitled to by joining the Bus Employee Friendly Society.

Applying for membership with the Bus Employee Friendly Society

Joining the Society is easy! Just download the application form, which you will find on the "Member Downloads" page and submit it to the Society by:

  • handing it to your Driving Instructor, if you are still in training
  • handing it to your garage office, they will forward it to the Society
  • handing it to your local Friendly Society steward
  • posting it to the society's head office at the address shown on the application

When your application is accepted you will be sent a Welcome letter giving details of your local steward or whom you can contact if a steward is not at your location. Details of the society's rules can be down loaded from the website along with claim forms from the Members Downloads page.

Bus Employee Friendly Society Membership Benefits

The Bus Employee Friendly Society has a range of benefits. Browse through the sections below to get further information. If you still have questions, get in touch here or call us and we'll be more than happy to help.

You'll feel better for joining
These people did...

Mr B - Medical Retirement Private Member

Mr B retired for medical reasons at age 64 after 42 years of membership. He received a lump sum payment from the Provident Fund of £800.20 in return for total contributions paid of £318.28 He had also claimed £488.10 in sickness benefits during his membership, having paid in contributions of £980.89 to the Sick Fund,receiving £246.40 refund

Total pay out of £1046.60

Mr W Northfleet

Mr W retired at 65 after 30 0years of membership of the Society. He received a lump sum payment from the Provident Fund of £765.00 in return for total contributions paid of £312.80 In addition, as a result of his good sickness record (he had claimed just £40.00 in sickness benefits during his membership), he received a partial refund of his contributions to the Sick Fund amounting to £437.65

A total payout of £1,202.65

Mr S- Medical Retirement

Although Mr S has only been a member of the Society for 8years, he has unfortunately suffered with ill health on a regular basis, and received a total of £735.50 from the Sick Fund in return for total contributions of £302.40 On being medically retired he also received a payment of £215.00 from the Provident Fund having paid £77.60 in contrbutions

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