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The Sick Fund

What are the Benefits of Membership of the Sick Fund?

Membership of the Sick Fund entitles you to £3.50 per unit for each day of sickness (excluding Sundays), i.e. £21.00 per week, when covered by a doctor's certificate. Sickness benefit is paid separately from the payroll, is tax-free and it does not affect statutory sick pay paid by your employer. The minimum period for which sickness benefit is payable is 3 days and self certification is accepted in conjunction with a subsequent doctor's certificate. The maximum period of sickness benefit is 39 weeks in any continuous period of 12 months, with a limit of £819.00 per unit for that period.

How Much Does it Cost?

Each unit of Sickness Benefit costs £0.80 per week.

How Many Units May I Have

You may have up to 5 units, which would entitle you to £17.50 for each day of sickness.

Claiming Benefit is Easy!

The Society has a number of local stewards, each of whom is responsible for one or more locations at which the society has members. When you join the society you will be told who your local steward is and where he or she is located. The Steward can deal with any aspect of your membership and in particular with the submission and payment of sickness benefit claims. Alternatively you can deal directly with the society's head office by any of the methods listed on the "Contact Us" page - you'll find our team helpful and efficient.

A Claim Form is available for download from the "Member Downloads" page.

Important Points

There are no entry or enrolment fees but you must be under 55 years of age at the time joining. If you are 55 years or over at the time of joining, applications have to be referred to the management committee.

You become eligible for sickness benefit payments after only 6 weeks paid membership, providing funds have been received by the society. Sickness benefit is paid from day one of certified sickness lasting 3 days or more - there is no waiting time.

There is no long term commitment in joining - you can resign membership immediately, at any time without questions. If you resign having been a member for at least two years you become eligible for a refund of half your contributions to both funds (after deduction of any sickness benefit payments paid).

Paying your contributions is easy - they are either deducted directly from your pay through the payroll or by standing order. All benefits are tax-free and are paid directly to you, not as payroll credits.

No advice will be given to you by the Society regarding this Fund. The Society does not employ sales representatives or agents and therefore does not pay commission. If you do require advice, you should contact an independent financial adviser.

You'll feel better for joining
These people did...

Mr B - Medical Retirement Private Member

Mr B retired for medical reasons at age 64 after 42 years of membership. He received a lump sum payment from the Provident Fund of £800.20 in return for total contributions paid of £318.28 He had also claimed £488.10 in sickness benefits during his membership, having paid in contributions of £980.89 to the Sick Fund,receiving £246.40 refund

Total pay out of £1046.60

Mr W Northfleet

Mr W retired at 65 after 30 0years of membership of the Society. He received a lump sum payment from the Provident Fund of £765.00 in return for total contributions paid of £312.80 In addition, as a result of his good sickness record (he had claimed just £40.00 in sickness benefits during his membership), he received a partial refund of his contributions to the Sick Fund amounting to £437.65

A total payout of £1,202.65

Mr S- Medical Retirement

Although Mr S has only been a member of the Society for 8years, he has unfortunately suffered with ill health on a regular basis, and received a total of £735.50 from the Sick Fund in return for total contributions of £302.40 On being medically retired he also received a payment of £215.00 from the Provident Fund having paid £77.60 in contrbutions

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